Can you handle the TRUTH?

Before the internet, the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” was in full swing with over 400 double agents installed within the 3 main network news and mainstream periodicals around 1957. Today…”Operation Mockingbird” was expanded by Obama’s signature.

The propaganda machine was well underway during the 50’s and well into the 90’s, brainwashing nearly 90% of the population, maneuvering and manipulating everything from how the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack [WRONG], or a lone Russian Soviet sympathizer killed Kennedy with a single shot [WRONG], and the cover-up of the FBI’s assassination of Martin Luther King…..and the list goes on.

9/11 was a turning point for the CIA and “Deep State” attempts to suggest the CIA operative, Osama bin Laden orchestrated a precision attack from a cave in Afghanistan, eventually fell apart when access to open source intelligence shows to this day, the 9/11 attack was conducted by the “Deep State” as a means to facilitate the “Patriot Act” against ALL Americans and justification to eventually conduct the “Arab Spring” take-down of seven countries. Note: Osama bin Laden led the CIA’s Mujahedeen militants against the Soviet Union war in Afghanistan. Those same militants were classified by the CIA as “al Qaida” which means: “The Data Base” of militant / terrorist names used later for a wide range of opportunities for the “Deep State” ……Benghazi is an example.

The “Deep State” and the Obama regime, with the help of the traitor John McCain (R-AZ), cleverly mobilized al Qaida into Syria and changed their name to ISIS. Confusion led to ISIL, but were all provided weapons by Obama while McCain went secretly to Syria to pay five top al Qaida leaders $5 million dollars and promises for shoulder launch missiles if these five guys would organize the rest of al Qaida terrorists together in-order to form the new group called the Syrian Freedom Fighters.

Then came Trump and Putin and together wiped-out over 90% of the CIA militants. You get the picture now??

The “Deep State” is NOT only operating inside the United States, but is comprised of global Illuminatis, i.e., the Rothschild’s that own 98% of all central banks in most every country on earth with an estimated family worth of $2+ Trillion Dollars. The 13 families own most of planet earth and have their tentacles in every country.

Each country’s intelligence agencies are on Illuminati speed dial for ANYTHING the controllers need in the world, be it a war to destroy the economy of that country (or both) while selling weapons to both sides…..including regime change with a puppet in-order to force that country to depend on the world central bank(s). The stealing of resources and absolute control of the population is essential for a New World Order to exist.

For the Illuminati to maintain power and control around the world, they must depend on the “Deep State” operatives, i.e., Obama, Clintons, Soros, FBI, CIA, MI-6, Saudi Intelligence, etc and because of Trump, they see their empire coming down as the ‘National Emergency / Executive Order’ signed December 21st, 2017 is causing an uproar, panic and many mistakes by the “Deep State” as sealed indictments now reach over 40,000.

To counter what is happening behind the scenes, “Operation Mockingbird” has expanded in an attempt to counter internet open source intelligence and alternative media sources by creating a top story every morning at 4am EST for all FakeStream Media networks to parrot by 5am. Those daily stories are filled with fake reports and spins to degrade President Trump.

Because WE THE PEOPLE are winning the narrative with truth and proof, the CIA manipulated social media platforms, FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube are working overtime to censor Conservative viewpoints and reports as the midterm elections arrive in November.

The crescendo to outright violence by the Left will only get worse as November approaches.

Trump has (now) had approximately 7 to 8 attempts on his life while at the same time, there are many so-called suicides and pedophile round-ups worldwide including massive resignations. They’re all connected one way or another to the “Deep State” and to those of the Illuminati controlling the “Deep State” via child trafficking, pedophilia blackmail and money laundering worldwide.

All those involved are desperate to get rid of Trump and doing their best via FakeStream Media to create a open and violent Civil War in America.

The soft civil war we are experiencing is still deadly in respect to what FakeStream Media will not report, and one example is the latest Mad Maxine Water’s protest by Oath Keepers that actually backfired on ANTIFA. when Oath Keepers stood down.

Mad Max organized ANTIFA to respond with pipes and bats to what she termed as “armed anti-government militants” a term she will not use for ANTIFA. Her terrorist klan (ANTIFA) made a mockery of her by burning the American flag. This is how stupid the Left has become….

This is why the Democrat Party are desperate in finding new faces, but their Marxist / Fascist display of anger and defeat will not subside anytime soon.

The Conservative Right are sitting back and watching and waiting, because when the first ANTIFA sniper on a roof unloads his weapon, all hell will break loose. And that is exactly what the “Deep State” wants to happen….and then blame it all on Trump in-order to garner support for the Democrats this November.

Exposing them at every turn is OUR responsibility to this Republic and violence on Left will only cause the Dems to fail further.

President Trump has it all under control and has the backing of Military Intelligence along with Admiral Rogers of the NSA.

Propaganda is useful when WE can use it against the Left….and one efficient way is when Trump tweets and/or allows the FakeStream Media to bulldoze anything and everything he says or does.

Our propaganda causes the “Deep State” to make mistakes as the main players facing jail time ultimately feel confident and/or screw-up when WE know all their communications are being monitored.

Note: Psychological Warfare uses propaganda on both sides to achieve a certain outcome.

When it all comes out in the end, the Democrat Party and the “Deep State” will face enormous creditability problems and seizures around the world of their properties and bank accounts. The Military Tribunals will make the Nuremburg Trials look like nothing compared to what is coming for these Globalist / Communist / Pedophiles.

McCarthyism is alive and well…since the internet is our open source intelligence. Back during the 50’s and 60’s the “Deep State” got away with murder and scams while Communism Creep in America was shunned by the press. Anyone that even suggested there were Communist Agents / Sympathizers inside the U.S., led by Senator McCarthy were demonized.

During the 50’s and 60’s thru the 90’s WE believed NBC, CBS and ABC were the Gospel Truth in news reporting and little did we know, the CIA was manipulating our minds as most every college today gets their narrative teachings from the Communist Left.

Today, the FakeStream Media are filled with CIA double agents working through the night in-order to spin the news by 5am EST.

Now that you know the full TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, what are you going to do about it?


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I'm a Lebanese American physical commodities trader, financier, and author. The President and Chief Executive officer of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., – a “private family office” that supports highly accomplished operating executives in expanding their companies organically through business acquisitions and physical commodities trades (mostly oil derivatives) around the world.